1. How DO You Get To MAke YOur OWn Rap Like The Colli boys??

  2. Hi toby . My name is Mick Mancell and i work in a remote community in the Kimberley ,called Fitzroy Crossing. I have a request from a teacher from a remote school at Djugerari . This school has 3 teachers and 14 kids . From kindy to grade seven. They have asked if you could send me the words to the colli crews songs Closing the Cap and Talk of the town. The reason we would like to get the kids to read the words ,understand the meaning of those words and learn to sing these song. I work as a health promotion office doing smoking cessation, my role requires me to travel to all the remote schools in the fitzroy valley 10 school plus the big high school. All the valley loves watching all your music clips on youtube. Which i play to get the kids, parents and teachers involed while i rum my program.. My email address is .Once again thank you for your help . To all your staff and to every crew that has made a clip ,for us all to watch.THANK YOU…..Regards Mick Mancell

  3. hey mate just wondering if my town could be able to make a rap song. im from goodooga nsw a little aboriginal town not far from walgett and colli. could you be able to contact me please, my email is thanks

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